Games With Gold For February 2018 Announced

With Microsoft’s Games With Gold program curtailing into its 5th year, it’s only fair that they pull out the big stops for such a monumental occasion, and so far they’ve proven to do so. January saw Ubisoft’s Zombi, Tomb Raider: Underworld, Army of Two and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III (With all but Tomb Raider still available to download for free right now!), and they’re attempting to continue the streak, with four new games coming out for free, for the whole of February.

Shadow Warrior – February 1st – 28th (Xbox One)


The first Xbox One game will be Shadow Warrior, a reboot of the old school shooter made from the Build engine, and developed by Flying Wild Hog. In the game, you’ll play as Lo Wang, low-level Asian thug with a penchant for singing Stan Bush’s “The Touch” at maximum volume, and a love for kicking demon ass. Throughout the game, you’ll be dashing and darting around the battlefield with katanas in one hand, demon powers in the other, and making sure you look damn good while you’re doing it.

Split/Second – February 1st – 15th (Xbox 360)


The first Xbox 360 game will be Split/Second, a racing game from the now-defunct developers Black Rock Studio. Some consider this to be a pseudo-spiritual successor to Burnout, and it’s not hard to see why, with high-octane racing, explosions everywhere, all of it taking place within the framing device of a TV show. With all this in mind, Split/Second is set to scratch the itch that many have had since the days of Burnout.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India – February 16th – March 15th (Xbox One)


The second Xbox One title up for grabs will be Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India, the second entry in the 2.5D, side-scrolling mini-series. In it, you’ll be slashing, stealthing and slinging through 1800s India, trying to find an item important to the Assassin’s order. If you’ve played China, or even the third entry Russia, this will be more of the good ol’ same.

Crazy Taxi – February 16th – 28th (Xbox 360)


Finally, we have the second Xbox 360 title up for grabs, which is the much-loved Crazy Taxi, from the no-longer-active Hitmaker. You’ll be barraging your low-rider through a hustling n’ bustling city, trying to get patrons to their destinations, and getting those sweet 5-star rankings while you’re at it.

Be sure to grab all of these titles in the upcoming month, and also don’t forget the other 3 titles that are still available until January 31st.


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