Head of Sony Worldwide Studios Talks First-Party Strategy

After Sony’s continued silence on the PlayStation 5, Worldwide Studios Head Hermen Hulst broke the ice by detailing the company’s strategy for their first-party games. While Hulst confirmed that PS4-exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn will head over to Steam this summer, he purports that Worldwide Studios remains “very committed to dedicated hardware” and single-player, narrative-driven games that fans have grown to love in recent years. He views HZD‘s PC release as “experimentation” and implied that it won’t be the only exclusive to break the console barrier.


Image courtesy of HBO

Hulst also disclosed their plans for their film and TV adaptations such as The Last of Us, which is seeing an HBO adaptation with Neil Druckmann and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin writing and producing the series. Hulst stressed that the game creators will be involved in the adaptation process to ensure authenticity and quality. Hopefully, that Uncharted movie that has undergone six directorial changes will meet those standards. Speaking of which, Hulst claims that said Uncharted movie will begin shooting this month. However, due to the unsettling rapid outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus),  those plans could be delayed last minute.

Little was said about the PlayStation 5 as Hulst diverted attention towards the PlayStation 4, which is poised to have an exciting first half of the year with Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II releasing a month apart. Sony fans also shouldn’t be concerned about Sony abandoning console exclusives anytime soon, nor should they destroy their basements because one of their published games will release on another platform either. From the looks of this interview, Hermen Hulst seems to have the right mindset for spearheading PlayStation’s first-party output and it is refreshing to see Sony continue to commit to single-player games for the foreseeable future.


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