Introducing Nintendo Labo: Cardboard You Can Play With

Ah, Nintendo. Always one to come up with the wackiest ideas, as today Nintendo announced something new coming to Nintendo Switch that is aimed at “kids and kids at heart”. That something is Nintendo Labo, a crafting kit made primarily of cardboard that’ll interact with your Switch and Joy-Cons.


Using this DIY cardboard kit, you can create things like RC cars, pianos, robot armor, and more that’ll interact with the Switch in unique ways. For example, you can attach Joy-Cons to the cardboard RC car and control the RC car utilizing the Joy-Con’s HD Rumble and Switch as a control pad. There’s some insanely creative use of technology on display here.

Nintendo Labo is set to launch April 20th of this year and will come in two sets. One is the Variety Kit for $69.99 and the other the Robot Kit for $79.99. The Variety Kit, as the name would imply, comes with multiple cardboard creations and games that interact with them. The Robot Kit comes with material to create the robot armor that you will then use to control a giant robot in-game. There will also be Customization Sets available for $9.99 that include stickers, stencils, and colored tape.


You can learn more about Nintendo Labo on their official site and check out their announcement trailer below.


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