Laws Made to Be Broken: Law Breakers Preview

Guns…check. Special abilities…check. Awesome Characters…check. Zero Gravity Pockets…what?! That’s right! Freaking Zero Gravity! Law Breakers takes what you thought you knew about FPS and flips it on its head. It has everything you would want from an FPS: awesome gun-play, amazing characters who, for a game that is entirely multiplayer, are actually memorable. To top it off the game modes are highly addictive and entertaining.

Boss Key decided to let the public try their hand at their first game during a closed beta that ended July 5th, and boy does this game really put you in the action. Before we get to out of hand lets break things down a bit. Law Breakers is a First-Person shooter set in some futuristic world where the characters obtain insanely crazy powers, alongside awesome weapons. As of right now, there are a total of 16 playable characters, which splits them up to two characters per class and eight characters to play for both sides: Law and Breakers.


Just for the closed beta, there are 3 game modes you can play in: Turf War, Blitzball, and Overcharge. Turf War is very similar to Destiny’s Control or Call of Duty’s Domination game modes. You have three points on the map that you have to control. Here is where they change things up, you only have a set amount of time to take control of each of those points before they get locked in and for each section you controlled, your team gains one point. After the points get awarded, all three points go back to neutral status and it starts all over again. Blitzball is very much like your game of Uplink from Call of Duty where a cute little ball with a digital face appears at a central location on the map and everybody fights their way to get to him and take him to the enemy side of the map. The difference is you have a shot clock, which is a set amount of time to get the ball to the enemy side before time runs out and you die.

The Overcharge game mode focuses on a battery you must obtain at the center of the map. Your objective is to grab that battery, take it back to your base and defend it while it charges up to 100 percent. Don’t think you’re done once it hits 100 either, after that, you’re left to defend it for another 20 seconds before you get your point for all that hard work. I might want to add the fact that while you’re doing this, the center parts of the map may be lacking something: Gravity. Zero Gravity Pockets add a whole new twist to this game unlike anything you’ve ever had the chance to experience in any other FPS. One minute you’re on the ground running, the next minute you’re flying 50ft in the air with opposing players all around you. With the lack of gravity in these maps, it adds a whole new dynamic to the way you approach each objective and how you take down your opponents.

Law Breakers is insanely fun, highly addicting and I, personally, had a very hard time putting down the controller. This game is what FPS games should be, just all around action packed. I can’t wait till the game officially releases so I can dive more into each game mode, enhance my gameplay with each role and learn how best to approach any situation Law Breakers might throw at me. As an added little bonus and maybe an extra reason why you should pick up this game when it drops, is that all the DLC is free. That includes new roles, modes, maps, everything. Oh, and the game is only 30$, which should be more than enough reason to pick this awesome new IP up when it launches on Aug 8, 2017.


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