Leicester Alliance Revealed in Three Houses Trailer

Nintendo of America tweeted out a new trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Houses today revealing information on one of said houses. For those of you not following along, the “three houses” refer to the houses in the Officer Academy, where the player is a teacher. The trailer is narrated by a man named Claude, who’s leader of house Golden Deer. All students in house Golden Deer hail from the Leicester (pronounced “Lester”) Alliance, they’re skilled at archery, and they use the Golden Deer as their emblem because it’s believed to have defended their territory for centuries.

The introduced characters include Hilda, the lazy pegasus knight; Raphael the buff tough guy; and Leonie, the mercenary with a debt to her village for allowing her to attend the school. This is the third house to receive a trailer, with the Black Eagles and Blue Lions being revealed earlier. The player will have a choice between which of the three houses to work with at some point in the game, presumably opening even more roads for replayability. In the previous games, the player was able to form relationships between their avatar and the other characters, which would lead to effects in-battle and heartwarming cutscenes out of battle. Three Houses will likely expand on this mechanic further, making for possibly the largest and most replayable entry in the franchise yet.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be coming to Nintendo Switch on 7/26, which is less than two weeks away. This marks the first main series entry of the franchise on the Switch, as the last several games (AwakeningFates, and Echoes) were on the 3DS. Hopefully this is the start of a bright new future for the franchise in the current generation. Stay tuned here at Sick Critic for any more late-breaking news on Three Houses!


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