Madden 18 Preview – From the Battlefield to the Gridiron

Although the Madden franchise releases a new addition yearly, this year proves to be an interesting release.  According to a note to EA investors, “Our Madden NFL franchise will transition to the Frostbite engine with Madden NFL 18.”  DICE the developer of Battlefield 1 and Star Wars: Battlefront created Frostbite, and EA has now put there team to work integrating the engine into their sports games.

EA Sports likely decided to make the move to Frostbite because the Madden series often times doesn’t make many changes to the game.  As an avid Madden player myself, the release of the new Madden is always exciting, but the let down of similarity is reoccurring.  Each year that Madden releases, there aren’t many changes made to the game play or graphics.  This makes the game feel as if it’s the same game as before with a different cover art.

The sports gaming franchise FIFA, also of EA Sports made the change to the Frostbite engine for FIFA 17.  The game offered crisper colors to the graphics, and the game play proved to be quite smoother, and more realistic in nature.  The detail of the footwork of a player running down the pitch is quite impressive.