Metroid Prime 4 Experiences Severe Delays

This morning, Nintendo released a video hosted by EPD Manager Shinya Takahashi on the status of long-awaited Metroid Prime 4. This was the first update we’d seen on MP4 since E3 2017, but with Takahashi speaking with all the graveness of a doctor delivering a grim diagnosis, it was clear that this wasn’t the exciting gameplay trailer + release date we were all hoping for. Instead, Takahashi reported that Nintendo is ultimately unhappy with the state of Metroid, and no matter how much polish they applied, the final result would never be up to their standards.

As a result, Metroid Prime 4 has completely restarted development, which is now being lead by Retro Studios, developer of previous Prime titles. Unfortunately, this means the game won’t be releasing anytime soon, but on the bright side, I’m glad to know Nintendo is doing everything they can to make the next installment as great as it can possibly be. We’ve waited long enough since Metroid Prime 3, we can wait a little longer with the promise that 4 will be up to the same standards.


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