Min Min & Valut Boy Join Smash Ultimate Today – Impressions

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just got updated to Ver. 8.0.0. With it comes a swathe of balance changes, but also plenty of new DLC content. Owners of the second Fighter Pass will get access to Min Min, a new fighter from ARMS, as well as her stage and some other bells and whistles. Here’s a quick rundown and some early impressions of how much bang you’ll get for your DLC buck.

New Fighter: Min Min


Throwing punches is the name of Min Min’s game. Her extendable arms can cover huge chunks of the battlefield and can even be gently angled to catch your foes off guard. Both her normal and special attacks cast out her arms, which initially takes some getting used but soon you’ll be dishing out 1-2 punch combos for big damage. Because her neutral and side special attacks function near identically to one another, her move list ends up feeling a little incomplete. To make up for this, her down special instantly swaps out her right arm between the swift Ramram, the bulky Megawatt, or a second Dragon arm. Though they don’t change how she plays, their attack power and speeds change dramatically, making Min Min a fairly reactionary fighter. Plus, landing a meaty blow with the Megawatt is remarkably satisfying.


Based on my time with her I’ve noticed she’s best suited for edge guarding and taking on heavy hitters like Ganondorf or King Dedede. If you can maintain a good distance from those kind of fighters, her stretchy arms can pummel them into dust. Min Min’s greatest weakness is how open to attack she leaves herself after throwing even the simplest of punches – not unlike how brawling works in the original ARMS game. Nimble opponents will run circles around her and she’s susceptible to aerial assaults from anyone capable of hopping over her punches. With no real crowd control tactics, Min Min is generally weak in close encounters. That said her grabs are punishing, especially her brutal back throw which can easily KO opponents if they’re carrying decent damage.

New Stage : Spring Stadium


Min Min’s new stage, Spring Stadium, is a total knockout. With its bold colors and rowdy audience it fits the Smash vibe beautifully. When hazards are switched on, a trio of platforms temporarily warp into jump pads which can violently shoot your fighter up a fair distance. There’s also two small portions of ceiling capable of ricocheting any foe lucky or unlucky enough to get launched into the rafters. It’s a bouncy, vibrant stage with a true party mode sensibility. For the hardcore players, it looks like the stage won’t be tournament legal thanks to the protective parts of the ceiling which are present even with hazards off. It’s a shame, because the music selection for this stage is excellent.

New Mii Costume: Vault Boy


It would also be criminal not to mention just how great the new Vault Boy Mii Gunner costume looks. His retro-future blaster is frankly adorable and he’s fun to tinker around with on quickplay. Sadly, this costume doesn’t come with an extra music track so anyone looking forward to listening to some of The Ink Spot’s iconic hits while fighitng will be disappointed. Vault Boy also isn’t included if you bought the Fighters Pass and he must be purchased separately, though the low price of $0.75/£0.90 won’t break the bank.

Overall, the first offering from Smash’s second Fighters Pass is a net positive. Min Min is a truly unique fighter, she likely won’t be to many people’s tastes but her playstyle is remarkably faithful to the source material. It’s a miracle she plays as well as she does considering how different Smash and ARMS are as fighting games. Spring Stadium is the real highlight today as it gels seamlessly into the existing selection of stages. It’s just honest fun to play on.

If you want to see a comprehensive rundown of Min Min’s moveset and all the extra content in the latest patch then you should check out Nintendo’s presentation, hosted by Smash Bros’ director Masahiro Sakurai.


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