Mysterious Disappearance of Pikmin 3 Website Prompts Speculation

The official Pikmin 3 promotional page has quietly and mysteriously disappeared (source: the webpage no longer exists), leading to mass rumors and speculation among fans. Pikmin has been one of Nintendo’s many beloved franchises since its release in 2001, and its star protagonist Olimar has gone on to feature in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the following entries in the Smash series. Each Pikmin game follows the story of an astronaut crash landing on a world filled with creatures called pikmin. They quickly form a symbiotic relationship, as Olimar/Louie/Alph are able to help the pikmin fight off their predators and the pikmin give the protagonists the manpower necessary to escape the planet.

After the release of Pikmin 3 on the Wii U, there were rumors of a Pikmin 4, but no confirmation save for a statement that the game was “very close to finishing” all the way back in 2015. Although the project has not been officially cancelled, after several years with few updates, some have concluded that much like Mother and Kid Icarus, the much-loved franchise would stay a trilogy. However, the disappearance of the site has lead to people to theorize that Nintendo is preparing for one of two announcements: a Pikmin 3 port for the Switch or a trailer and release date for Pikmin 4.

Both hypotheses have some weight behind them: Nintendo ported Wii U hit after hit to the Switch to make up for the U’s lackluster sales, so there’s definitely precedent to support a Pikmin port. At the same time, Pikmin 4 has allegedly been in development for a good while, and it’s high time for an update. Personally, I think a Pikmin 3 port is more likely, as I’m not certain why a sequel would require updates for the promotional page for an older game. However, there is a third option: perhaps Nintendo wanted to do some New Year clean up, and decided a promotional page for a nearly seven year old game is no longer worth the upkeep. Regardless, if there is any Pikmin news inbound, we here at Sick Critic will be sure to report it.


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