New Warframe Update Hitting PC Next Week!

A major update is coming to Warframe next week. The expansion titled, Plans of Eidolon features a new Open Zone design that is unlike anything players have seen yet.


The open zone design will differ completely from the more linear design of Warframe. Plans of Eidolon will also feature a day and night cycle to help keep the player engaged. During the day players can seek out colorful missions from vendors in the colony of Cetus, which will include up to 50 players to socialize with. Outside of the town players can explore the plains solo or with a team of up to four players. The plains will feature lush hillsides, busy lakes and rivers and a few cave systems. During the day players of any experience level can explore, but once nighttime hits enemies become more dangerous than ever.

Plans of Eidolon will also introduce the 34th Warframe, Gara, who manipulates glass to fracture the resolve of her enemies. Gara will feature new abilities such as a Shattered Lash, which thrusts a deadly blade at her opponents and Splinter Storm, which surrounds her enemies with deadly glass. The new update will also include new weapons, more reinforcements, Focus 2.0, which changes the skill tree around to be more combat focused and much more! Plans of Eidolon, will be free to play and launch first for PC owners next week, and on the PS4 and Xbox One sometime this November.


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