Nintendo releases rough release calendar for the year

On twitter today, Nintendo of America posted the above image, showing their release calendar for the rest of the year. While it only gives us a rough timeline by season, it gives us an idea of what to expect for the rest of the year and a summary of E3. With Spring coming to a close, the only two games left are ARMS (which released today) and Ever Oasis, a third-party ARPG coming out within the next few weeks!

The Summer, as we expected, will be a great time for the Switch and prime time to buy one if you haven’t already. Splatoon 2 is only about a month away, and Fate/Extella, which released in Japan back in November, will be seeing a US release around the same time. The rest of the summer will give us a Mario and Rabbids, Sonic Mania, and a Switch release of Minecraft Realms. Meanwhile, we’ll be seeing Miitopia and Hey! Pikmin.

Around the equinox, the switch will get the yearly NBA and Fifa titles, as well as Pokken Tournament DX. On the 3DS, we’re getting the first 2D Metroid game in decades, Samus Returns. This takes us to the fall season, where the Switch gets a steady stream of new titles with Just Dance 2018, the much anticipated Mario Odyssey, and LEGO Worlds. Fire Emblem Heroes will see a simultaneous Switch and 3DS release. The 3DS will also receive sequels for the acclaimed Mario & Luigi and Monster Hunter series.

Finally, we’ll get a last burst of games before the holidays. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will come out on 3DS, and we’ll get Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Sonic Forces, Skyrim, and Rocket League on Switch! In summary, while the 3DS isn’t receiving quite as much love as it used to, the Switch is finally getting the solid amount of games we’ve wanted from launch. If you don’t have a Switch yet, I’d highly recommend getting one soon.


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