One Week Remains: God of War

Welcome to One Week Remains, where we list seven reasons on why we are excited and/or skeptical for upcoming games a week before they release. At the end of each preview we will rate our excitement level according to this scale.

1- Not My Cup of Tea

2- Waiting for a Sale

3- Day One Pickup

4- Already Pre-Ordered

5- Pitching My Tent Outside the Store, TONIGHT!

For our first entry in the series, we will be covering the upcoming PS4 exclusive, God of War.

Reasons We’re Excited

 New Camera Angle

The new over the shoulder camera allows for a closer look at the intense combat system. It also allows players to control where they are looking at all times, instead of the cinematic camera from previous entries in the series that moved the camera for you. The most exciting change to the camera though, is that it will never cut to a new angle, which means the camera stays in a single unbroken shot throughout the entire game. This is a unique idea that could change the way games are made, and we can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Revamped Combat System


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