PAX East 2019 Preview: Dangerous Driving

Wheels spinning fast enough to leave marks on the concrete as you leave the starting line. A quarter mile down the street, you decide to slam into one of the other drivers you’re racing against and send him flying into the air. You start speeding ahead and do it to another racer that’s in your way. You put the controller down and realize you’ve played this game before. But this isn’t Burnout, it’s Dangerous Driving.

Dangerous Driving is a legitimate carbon copy, face lifted version of every Burnout game to this point… and they didn’t stop there. They’re taking a mode from every Burnout game and adding it right into this one. Crash Mode, standard races, everything that Burnout games leave to be desired, that’s what Three Fields Entertainment is adding to this successor. I got the opportunity to talk to Alex Ward, the co-founder of Three Fields Entertainment, at PAX East today about the game. He told me that Three Fields Entertainment is only seven people strong and the demo I played took only seven months to make, and that the game actually releases on April 9th, 2019. He said that every game they had made, had been stepping stones to get to this game and the success of those games helped fund Dangerous Driving. They didn’t even get any funding for this game, every bit of money they spent came out of their own pockets, and they sometimes had to work for free. There’s no advertising agency to help get the word out about this game, there’s no marketing team or anything to help sell this game outside of word of mouth from fans of the Burnout series.

If you are a fan of the Burnout games like I am, you are definitely gonna wanna pick this game up. Believe me when I tell you I was not disappointed at all by what I played, and I only got hands on with the standard racing mode they showed off. I should also add that he told me of a little added treat for players of the series. I’m sure at least one of the games (Burnout 3 for me) had a playlist of songs that you could totally just drive to the entire time, for endless hours. Well, what if I told you that you could integrate your Spotify playlist with the game and play any playlist you want while playing the game? The wizards over at Three Fields Entertainment have done it, and Alex even said that it was a smarter choice to go with than creating their own music for the game or paying for the licenses of music to put in the game. This way you can choose what you want to listen to and what gets you in the mood to drive and crash into stuff.

The game is super exciting to play and I personally can’t wait till it drops, as I already told Alex they have my money. If you liked the old Burnout games, this one is the best one by far and keeps things familiar for us fans while still giving us new stuff, and very easy to pick up and play for all the new players who have yet to experience the magic that was Burnout.


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