PAX South 2018: Amelia’s Curse

Amelia’s Curse by Immosis is an exhilarating VR horror game showcased at PAX South. It’s neatly tucked away in a back corner, and it’s quite entertaining.

The game drops you in a small cart in a mine shaft, where you ride into a central room with a boarded up shaft where monsters come from. They appear like zombies, but taller and more emaciated, and they tear down the wood as they enter the room. You’re equipped with a gun and a hammer, the latter of which can repair the boards. You have only one goal: survive as long as possible. Much like other VR games, the only way to move is to teleport, so naturally I teleported over to the doorway to repair the boards.

Another monster came up and I was out of ammo in my gun, so I tried the reload motion: extending your hand out and then bringing it to your chest. Apparently I was doing it wrong, because one of the people there said, “No, you do it like this” and gently grabbed my hand at the exact moment the monster on the other side of the boards reached out to touch me. It scared the absolute daylights out of me and I screamed out loud, which just goes to show how immersed I was.

You can purchase different weapons, although I never got a chance to, and you can move around and find different spots to fight them off from. They started coming out of the mine shaft as well and surrounded me, and I died. The whole experience was absolutely intense. The movement is a little janky and the graphics seem like they need some polishing, but the game was very fun and I would highly recommend checking it out.


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