PS5 and PS5 All-Digital Revealed in Future of Gaming Show

Sony’s PlayStation 5 was finally revealed to the masses via their Future of Gaming Show presentation on Thursday. We got an exclusive look at some upcoming games too, including Horizon II: Forbidden West. However, the new look and the two different versions of PS5 are what stole the show.

The one big thing that a lot of people were hoping for that we didn’t get was a price tag. However, the addition of an all-digital PS5 alongside the traditional PS5 gives us a decent idea of what we’ll be looking at in terms of console pricing. It’s no secret that over the past couple of years, the industry has been moving into a completely digital space. Microsoft and Xbox have also expressed their interest in things like an all-digital console and their xCloud service. Considering this transition and the simpler hardware that comes with an all-digital console, it’s likely this will be the cheaper alternative of the two PS5s.


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