Rainbow Six: Yeehaw Edition

A new event has dropped for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege today, and it’s cowboy themed! Refugee McCree mains rejoice.

The event runs from July 2nd to July 16th, 2019, so hop on in! It’s a fun, casual, 3v3 gamemode where attackers and defenders have to secure an objective. Only, in this case, the objective is a pile of gold, or the defenders’ “ill-gotten gains” as the HUD calls it. You’ll be dropped into a brand new 3v3 map with a very limited HUD, having no health, ammo, or crosshair. You do, however, have iron sights on the guns, which are limited to the BOSG.12.2 and Magnum LFP586, a two-shot shotgun and a six-shot revolver.

The operators to choose from are limited, with the attackers being limited to Maverick, Ash, Twitch, Capitão, and Glaz, and the defenders are Alibi, Kaid, Caveira, Maestro, and Rook. All of the gadgets are removed as well, with each defender getting barbed wire and a deployable shield, and each attacker getting a Frag and Smoke grenade. You appear in-game wearing the brand new cosmetics for each of those operators, all of which are western-themed. There are also new weapon skins that can be obtained through their new Showdown loot boxes— sorry, “Collection Packs”. Just by logging in before the end of the event, you’ll get a free pack, all of which are guaranteed to not contain duplicates. I got this cowboy hat for Maverick in mine:


So boot on into the game and play a few rounds! The games are short but intense, and go by rather quickly as the map is small. Pro tip, if you’re attacking go to the right side and defending go to the left side as soon as you spawn in. There’s no prep phase, and by rushing that side you’ll catch someone off-guard almost every single time. Have fun!

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