Red Dead Online Update Releases September 10

The ever-bustling Red Dead Online has had its ups and downs in recent months, but a new update bearing zero microtransactions will be in the hands of players on September 10th. The major development is the addition of three new Frontier Pursuits, character roles that offer specific activities as well as tandem items and skills. Roles will naturally evolve as players earn more XP, offering 20 ranks per profession which advance role-specific skills. The roles appear to coexist with each other and are first obtained by players through in-game interactions with NPCs and storefronts.

The first described class is the Bounty Hunter, offered through the purchase of a Bounty Hunter License with in-game currency and a meeting with the Legendary Bounty Hunter in Rhodes. In a vaguely Monster Hunter esque touch, you will embark on your missions by visiting bounty boards located around the map. Your profession soon enough branches out to hunting other players, who are to be taken in alive for hefty rewards. The role additionally offers improved focus, a reinforced lasso, the ability to duck while on horseback, and more.

Those who prefer to serve as the middleman will be able to take on the Trader role, earned through becoming a partner in the Cripps Trading Company. This will largely entail sourcing for materials that are convertible into sellable goods and will also allow your own arsenal to flourish. An improved knife, wagon, and satchel will end up in your possession, as well as improved awareness of opposing Trader wagons and manufacturing efficiency.

Lastly, the enigmatic Collector position will be afforded to players who meet with saleswoman Madam Nazar. Under her guidance, you will scour the world in search of valuable treasures that will beget increasingly valuable sales and improved searching skills. You will soon develop a special sense for nearby collectibles and gain improved machetes and binoculars alike! Alongside these sweeping developments will be improvements to weapon balance, added Stable and custom outfit slots, and Role Free Roam Events that unlock as you progress. It altogether looks to be a much less contentious update than those before and should no doubt keep players intrigued.


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