Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date Rumors

There have been rumors swirling around the internet about a possible leak for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2. I would like to point out that this information has not been confirmed by Rockstar, but we can hope right?

Red Dead 2 was given a release date of October 20, 2017 by UK retailer Gameseek. These types of leaks are common in the gaming industry as of late, with similar leaks being confirmed for Destiny 2 on September 8, 2017. For more info on Destiny 2, click the link below.

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No statement has been issued by either party on the matter, but if this is a mistake on the end of the retailer, we should expect some sort of reaction.

We know that Rockstar has confirmed that RDR2 will release sometime in the fall of 2017, with October likely being the most attractive time considering there are no major releases scheduled as of yet.


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