Rocket League: Beach Ball, K.I.T.T. and more!

Psyonix has let loose a couple other new things for their Radical Summer event, one being the K.I.T.T. battle car you can now buy for $1.99 USD. If you’re looking for more beachy fun, they added a new timed event called Beach Ball, which is a 2v2 game mode where the ball looks like a beach ball and has the curveball modifier added to it. While at first, it might seem like just a regular 2v2 game, the curveball feature is actually really cool and causes you to change up your play style a bit to accommodate for the curved path the ball will now take.


K.I.T.T.! Grab it now!

If that wasn’t enough Rocket League news for you, they also gave a sneak peek into what the fall 2019 roadmap will bring. They are extending the Rocket Pass 3 till August 27th. No new weekly challenges will be added, but it still gives you plenty of time to get all those Rocket Pass awards if you haven’t already and all the extras you can get afterward. Competitive season 11 is also ending August 27th so there’s still time to get ranked up and earn your ten-game win rewards. Another fun little update is the new High Dynamic Range sound they are adding very soon, due to complaints and comments made about their in-game sounds.


Beach Ball, the new limited-time mode!

The Fall 2019 update has exciting new things in the pipeline, such as new stats for Hoops and standard games. Haunted Hollows will be making a return this fall and they’ve got some awesome new stuff to try and match what Radical Summer brought us, Improving the Tournaments system, and eventually bringing additional content they had initially said would be in the summer roadmap.


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