Rumor: DOOM Slayer Next Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter

UPDATE: While the leaks mentioned in this article have not been 100% disproven, the predicted Mii Fighter costumes and the supposed new “Online mode” were not mentioned with the release of Terry Bogard like the leak claimed they would be. However, the leak did get the name of the new stage, “King of Fighters Stadium”, correct. It will be interesting to see what other parts of the leak (if any at all) prove to be true.

Monday and Tuesday have been buzzing since rumors surfaced on 4chan that Doom Slayer will be the fifth DLC fighter coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate. The news was popularized by a Tweet from @uncleancasuals that shows a screenshot of a 4chan post making predictions about three upcoming fighters, including Doom Slayer, upcoming Mii Fighter costumes, the name of the next stage being released with Terry Bogard, and a brand new “Online mode”.



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