Rumor Mill: Is a new Splinter Cell coming in 2018?

It’s rumor time!

A listing for an upcoming Splinter Cell title for 2018 was found on Amazon’s Canadian website by a Redditor, which no doubt leaves speculations that we could be in store for some form of a reveal at this years E3. It appears to be an official listing from Ubisoft which gives the rumors a little more validity, however, it was taken down shortly after the mix up was caught and reported through several news outlets.


The last entry from the highly acclaimed series was Splinter Cell: Blacklist released back in 2013. The game has taken a hiatus for the last half of a decade, only springing in and out of rumors that a new title could possibly be in development.

Is Sam Fisher coming back, or will he sneak back off into the shadows once again? Hopefully, we hear some juicy details this summer at E3 2018.


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