RUMOR: New Nintendo Switch Model Coming in Q1 2021

Floating rumors have indicated that Q1 2021 will see the launch of a new Nintendo Switch console. The first reports came from Economic Daily News on Monday. The description of the new Switch brings us back to 2019 when rumors suggested that Nintendo would release a new Switch console with improved graphical capabilities for players with higher gaming drives.


This could be Nintendo’s way of increasing their visibility in a quarter that will be almost exclusively dedicated to familiarizing the industry with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Nintendo always has the exclusives to be a major contender, and with their new approach to third-party games in the Switch era, it’s not a bad idea to remind people that they don’t have to pay whatever Sony and Microsoft will be charging for PS5 and XSX in order to have a fully-realized gaming experience.

This report also falls in line with Nintendo’s behavior that trends towards making the Switch available to all types of gamers. Their release of the Switch Lite gave a more casual audience an option, their third-party AAA titles allow people on the go to take their favorite games with them, their indie support draws in those who prefer shorter and more unique experiences, etc. This could serve as an avenue down which Nintendo will try to reach those who desire more from gaming, such as more advanced graphics and faster loading times.


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