Sony Reveals “DualSense” PlayStation 5 Controller

Out of nowhere, Sony revealed the controller for the highly-anticipated PlayStation 5, set to release this holiday season. The controller bolsters a significantly different design from past PlayStation controllers. The most striking difference in the controller is the default white color, bucking the decades-long trend of the default black color which started since 2000 with the launch of the PlayStation 2. Sony is also doing away with the “DualShock” branding altogether, opting for the more appropriate “DualSense” name, emphasizing the dramatically improved rumble technology the gamepad houses.

DualSense Controller for PlayStation 5

Other changes include the renaming of the Share Button to the Create Button to signify a significantly expanded content sharing system. However, both will serve the same purpose regardless of naming conventions. Sony explained that they designed the controller to support a larger battery and a longer battery life. The position of the light bar has also changed, now neighboring both sides of the touch pad. The ergonomics also appear to be improved from its predecessor. The curvature and greater width of the controller gives the impression that it took inspiration from Microsoft’s Xbox One controller, implying that it will be more comfortable for gamers with larger hands.

DualSense Controller for PlayStation 5

The controller will also feature a built-in microphone mechanism, acting as a makeshift headset for gamers without them to still talk with their teammates during online games. Previously announced features remain in place, such as the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback replacing the traditional rumble motors used in current gamepads, except for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons. Sony will no longer use the outdated microUSB port for charging the controller, opting for the standardized and far superior USB-C. Sony has confirmed that the console design and, most importantly, the games will be officially revealed in the coming months.

Personally, the white color being default strongly implies that the console itself will be white as well, and I’m not necessarily opposed to that. I’d much prefer an all-black design as seen in the mock-up above, however I am open to a white color scheme as that hasn’t been seen in gaming since the Nintendo Wii U. This controller design ultimately makes me all the more curious to see how the actual box looks like.


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