Stardew Valley Surpasses 10 Million Copies Sold

Part of Stardew‘s success has to be attributed to its ongoing support from the developer. Every few months there’s a massive new update that adds a load of content to the game to keep older players coming back. Some additions are especially big, like new areas and new marriage candidates, but they’re always peppered with small labors of love like new dialogue and customization options that make the game really shine. The most recent update was only two months ago in November, and there’s certainly going to be more around the road.

In a Reddit AMA not long after the game’s release, the sole developer Eric Barone did an AMA on Reddit, where he revealed that part of his reason for making Stardew Valley was his reluctance to join the traditional workforce. Much like the player character at the start of the game, he abandoned what would probably be a safe and traditional life to walk the riskier path of following his passions. As we can see now, it certainly paid off, and I think it’s incredibly uplifting to see someone’s dream succeed like this. Here’s to another ten million on his next game.


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