Team17 Announces a New Title, My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia takes place in the town Portia where your Pa leaves a workbench for you to craft a new life. The game lets you gather materials, as you can take part in activities such as cutting down trees, and growing a garden to help improve your life, as well as everyone else in the town. The game has many unique areas that you can explore to gather materials, such as an island region and a highland region. It also features different types of dungeons, where as some are abandoned, and the others are much more dangerous as you have to battle and defeat monsters to progress.

My Time at Portia seems to have a lot of heart being put into it, as the President of Pathea Games Zifei Wu stated, “My Time at Portia is a huge passion project for the team here at Pathea games and we’re excited to be working closely with Team17. We’re hugely grateful to the support and enthusiasm of the backers of our campaign so far and the Alpha build we shared was just a very small taste of the world we’re going to create in partnership with Team17 in bringing My Time at Portia to PC and consoles.” My Time at Portia, should have your attention when it hits early access on PC early next year, and later in 2018 on consoles.


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