The First Three Dragon Quest Games Are Coming Soon to Switch

Publisher Square Enix has announced via twitter that the original three Dragon Quest games are coming to the Nintendo Switch. All three games are coming to the eShop on September 27th, meaning there’s not long to wait.

This marks the first console release of Dragon Quest I, II, and III in Europe, upon release they only came to Japan and North America. Even then NA was playing catch up, while the original Dragon Quest came to Japan in 1986, it didn’t come out in NA until 1989.

When it did come to America, the franchise was renamed Dragon Warrior, presumably for copyright purposes. The art was done by Akira Toriyama, most famous for his massively popular Manga Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball had only been in serialization for about two years when Dragon Quest came about, making his style instantly recognizable to fans of his increasingly popular Manga.


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