Turn-Based Tactics Game Warborn to release June 12th

Warborn: Variable Armour Command is an upcoming turn-based tactics game featuring super mechanized soldiers, known as variable armour. This title is brought to us by Raredrop Games, an indie game development studio based out of the UK. In Warborn, take command of one of four factions commanders in your struggle for dominance over the solar system. 

Warborn: A real turn-based tactical RPG? 

Warborn boasts its turn-based gameplay, which features battlefields composed of hexagonal tiles each with their attributes and terrains similar to that of the Civilization series. While mission objectives progression looks standard, there are minor strategy elements that have been implemented to the core gameplay mechanics. Capturing structures will allow you to gain resources over time, which you can then use to purchase Variable Armour units and upgrades. While the developer gameplay highlights just a few of these strategy features, it will be hard to tell how in-depth this system is until we get our hands on it. See the video below. 


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