Ubisoft’s Transference Launches In September

Transference, Ubisoft’s mysterious horror game, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 18. The news came from the PlayStation Blog.

On PlayStation 4, the game will also be fully compatible with PlayStation VR, if you prefer to be scared whilst fully immersed in an experience. On top of that, PlayStation 4 players can test out the game for themselves right now, as a free demo is available on the PlayStation Store.

The demo is titled ‘The Walter Test Case’, and it is a prequel set years before the events of the main game. It is “the experiment that laid the foundation for the events that followed. Explore the digitally recreated memories of a PTSD sufferer, where you’ll try to unearth clues by exploring a haunting apartment and solve mind-bending puzzles.”

A trailer for the demo was also released.