Undercat Kickstarter Nearly 25% Funded

On June 23, 2020, Crytivo and Sparky Tail Games announced and launched a Kickstarter campaign for Undercat, a retro-styled, 2D action platformer. In just under a week, the campaign has managed to surpass $3,500 out of its $15,000 goal. If the game gets funded beyond that, there are even promises of extra features, content, and game modes.

Undercat takes on a retro style and a story of tyranny. When cats rule Citadel City, it’s up to Chips, the hero dog everyone’s been waiting for, to join the rebellion and squash the cats in the name of freedom. Each of the 32 levels comes with shops to spend currency for upgrades and boss levels that will challenge and surprise you. The world is also built in a way that encourages players to explore new ways of approaching problems. Is rough-and-tumble the best strategy for this situation, or is a quieter method preferable? Which direction will you go? How creative can you get? However, these are arguably not the most important questions.


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