Vehicle-Action MOBA Switchblade now Free to Play on PC and PS4

Lucid Games has announced that their vehicle-based MOBA Switchblade is now free to play via Steam and PS4. Currently in Early Access, Switchblade pits two teams of five against each other in heavily armed sci-fi vehicles, each of which has a unique role, and demands they duke it out to destroy each other’s base for victory. I’m a huge fan of this concept because, as demonstrated by Rocket League, tired concepts can become a whole lot more fun when you get to play in an oversized car.

Over the past few years, Lucid has made Geometry WarsWipeout, and Blur, among others, so Switchblade seems to be in good hands. The game looks visually impressive, and has a decently wide range of vehicles that you can explore on their website, with presumably more to come. Their newest trailer can be seen below.


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