Battle for Neighborville Trailer Leak, Switch Version Rumored

Man, what is it with Plants vs Zombies and leaks? Last week, screenshots of a new PvZ game were leaked, then a few days later the official title of the game was as well. Instead of the suspected ‘Garden Warfare 3’, this new game is called Plants Vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville. Now, in perhaps the biggest leak yet, the game’s trailer has been unofficially released on Twitter by user @ScopesUncharted. Unfortunately, the video and has since been taken down by EA. Luckily, I got a chance to read it before it was scrubbed from the internet so here’s a little overview in case you missed it:

Likely coming from the game’s alpha, the trailer itself is in an understandably unfinished state. Scenes of slick animation are occasionally interspersed with placeholder animatics, but that doesn’t detract from the video’s vibrant personality. The trailer offers some snippets of gameplay and a chance to see some of the new characters in action. The Acorn character in particular gets a lot of screen-time to show off his mighty tree stump tank ability which looks incredible. The trailer also includes an appropriately corny theme song, it won’t be on my iPod anytime soon, but it’s charming and it suits the game’s light-hearted tone.

But wait, there’s more! The same chap who leaked the trailer is also suggesting a Switch version of the game is in the works.