Conquer COVID-19 Bundle Offers a $1,071 of Games for $30

The Humble Bundle company have repeatedly stepped to the plate in times of need to offer immense values to customers for the sake of charity, and they have outdone themselves with this week’s Conquer COVID-19 Bundle. For a limited time (until Tuesday, April 7th at 2 PM), they are offering $1,071’s worth of games, ebooks, and vouchers for a minimum price of $30. What will likely perk the interest of Humble Bundle regulars the most is the staggering amount of games featured in this collection. On the indie front, highlights include Into the Breach, Hollow Knight, Superhot, The Witness, and the barely a year old Pikuniku.

The strategy game classic Europa Universalis IV is also a strong addition, not to mention the first two entries of AA franchise titan Darksiders. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of gameplay are present here for the reduced price without even mentioning games like Tropico 4 that are functionally endless. Coincidentally, many of the games included here were recently delisted from the Discord Nitro service. With that in mind, this remarkably affordable bundle presents a way to recoup your losses with a steep discount that entirely goes to charity.

The ebook part of the bundle covers a strange variety of bases but includes a pretty solid collection of graphic novels to sweeten the deal. The Boys Vol. 1 and Spawn Origins Vol. 1 cover the more sordid side, while Nowhere Men Vol. 1 provides a more grounded sci-fi affair. There’s also a Humble Bundle Exclusive Army of Darkness comic issue which sells me on the entire affair! As of Friday afternoon, Humble Bundle have raised a bit over $4 million in funds for Direct Relief, International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders, and Partners in Health. With such a universal threat impacting the majority of the world, these are the sort of organizations that need whatever support comes by. The Humble Bundle has found a uniquely appealing way to facilitate such donations.

The Humble Bundle website's display of the top contributors to the Conquer COVID-19 Humble Bundle, maxing out at $10,000 from "Jeff"

Shouts out to Jeff