Bethesda and DOOM Eternal at E3 2019

Let’s get further into Bethesda’s conference, though. The only development that came to this announcement is a confirmation of DOOM Eternal details at the show, but the article posted by Bethesda on Monday promises “a hell of a night.” It also seems that the developer/publisher will be giving away tickets to the press conference in Los Angeles in addition to their invites (of which there will be more than previous years), and details on how to enter are “coming soon.”


This wraps up the post by Bethesda, so the only other ideas we have are purely speculation. However, here are some games we could see at Bethesda’s conference:


The next installment in the Wolfenstein franchise by MachineGames is set to revolve around BJ Blazkowicz’s two daughters, Jess and Soph. According to the Fandom wiki page, the two girls are “the newest members of the Global Resistance against the Nazis in search of B.J. when he went missing in Paris, France (Vichy France).” The hope is that since the game is scheduled to release this year, we will get a better glimpse at what this game holds for us.

It found a place in last year’s conference as one of the biggest announcements, and I think we can practically assume with above 90% certainty that we will see more on the game.



That title is about all we got from Bethesda last year as it faded in over a cinematic establishing shot of rolling hills along the shoreline. This did nothing for us besides confirming its existence, a fact we should hold close to our minds when thinking about the possibilities of seeing anything more this year. For starters, interviews with members of Bethesda have made it very clear that the studio intends to finish Starfield, their delve into the space genre still within the realm of their trademarked RPG style, before they get serious about the development of The Elder Scrolls VI. With still no release window of Starfield, it’s extremely unlikely that we have any new developments here. In fact, I’d bet a lot of money in New Vegas on this one. Anyway, this brings us to…



With the previous statements being said, I think the fact that we saw ANYTHING on Elder Scrolls VI last year tells us just how close we must be coming to Starfield‘s release. It may not be until 2020, but with how quickly this year is passing, this isn’t that far away anymore. Todd Howard said back in June of 2018 that the game is not only out of pre-production, but it’s in a playable state. This is extremely significant! Alpha comes right after “first playable state” in a typical development timeline. While there are still plenty of leaps to be made to get from one to the other, I feel very confident that after another year passing since Howard’s comments, we will not only get more information such as an official gameplay trailer, but we will get a release window of some kind.


This game is in a very similar situation to Wolfenstein: Youngblood. We already know it’s scheduled to release this year and we saw it at last year’s conference. I’d say this is a sure thing. In addition, it was playable on the show floor last year, so it’s already pretty far along. The game is set in the Elder Scrolls universe, but, unlike any other game in the series, it’s meant for mobile devices. It will feature three modes called Abyss, Arena, and Town which are basically survival, PvP, and story mode, respectively.



Back in February, Bethesda released a roadmap for Fallout 76 in 2019 following an abysmal release back in November. With promises of drastic changes and tons of additional content, it will be interesting to see exactly what they’ve been referring to. Oh… what? “Wild Appalachia already released? Is that right? And another one coming in the Summer? Yeah, Bethesda’s going to have some things to say about this one.



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