Check Out the Stylish Shantae 5 Opening

Do you remember Little Witch Academia and Kill la Kill? They’re both anime series that have a huge following and if you haven’t heard of either, it’s because they were created by a quirky Japanese animation studio by the name of Studio TRIGGER. The popular studio is known for their flashy, action-packed animation style and fan service. It seems WayForward Technologies has recruited the studio to work on an animation that will serve as the Shantae 5 opening. It’s exactly what you would expect from Studio TRIGGER, with boobs, chibi characters, and insane camera angles at every turn. It’s a cool combo that fans will be sure to drool over.

You can check out the short, but insane video (that would make a fantastic Shantae anime opening) below. Get ready for a zippy splash of color and action.


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