Disney and Remaking the Past


As a child, I had the biggest collection of VHS tapes, most of which were Disney movies. So it’s safe to assume I am a huge Disney fanatic. My childhood became a continuous part of my adult life when Disney started to turn classics into live-action remakes. This transition by Disney is going to pay dividends for their business model and for super fans like myself. Let me explain why.

It all started back in 2016 with The Jungle Book being the first live-action remake Disney produced. It’s best to watch the original and then the remake and judge it for what you can remember (take my word for it).  I have to say, Disney did a fine job with their first remake. Of course, it wasn’t exactly like the original, but it was its own entity. They did The Jungle Book justice in remastering the old into the new. I enjoyed the classic “Bear Necessities” song that they kept. I loved the upbeat and catchy tune, as it always got stuck in my head for hours on end. I also thoroughly appreciated how realistic they made Bagheera appear. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything close to what we got. I was blown away by how detailed his fur was and was just overall wowed. It’s definitely worth watching.

After the success of The Jungle Book, Disney moved onto bigger and better projects, such as Alice Through the Looking Glass (Alice in Wonderland) and Beauty and the Beast. Both of these films were extremely successful and big hits at the box office. Disney seemed to have gotten the hang of making decent live action films. Out of the two, Beauty and the Beast was my favorite. I was always extremely jealous of the huge library Belle had. Reading has always been one of my passions and ever since then I’ve aspired to one day have a whole room dedicated to my books. This movie also sparked my love of horses after seeing those beautiful Clydesdale horses. Emma Watson did a fantastic job portraying the brunette beauty. She was the right person for this particular part because Belle and Watson have very similar demeanors.

Now, after seeing what Disney was capable of, the big question was where they would go next. Maybe another classic such as Aladdin? Or even a timeless Lady and the Tramp. Well, it took them a few years but we did, in fact, get an Aladdin remake this year. Granted, I was a little weirded out by the genie being Will Smith because I didn’t think he would live up to the original genie. I was comparing him to Robin Williams instead of recognizing his talent and letting him fill those big shoes. But he did grow on me and he did his best to portray the genie in his own way.


Now I did a little digging and word has it that Disney is coming out with their own streaming service called Disney+. Word on the street has it that they are coming out with several more remasters in the next several years. Lady and the Tramp is scheduled for November 2019, Mulan is scheduled for March 2020, and Cruella (101 Dalmatians) coming December 2020. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for these to be released, along with others. 

Additionally, a few more titles are lined up that have me in shock and excitement. Apparently, Disney is going to be doing a Little Mermaid remaster, probably Summer of 2021. Also, (this one has me quaking in my boots) they are planning on doing a live action Lilo and Stitch. Ok, now hold up. I am a huge Lilo and Stitch fan, so I am hoping and praying that the concept art I have seen of Stitch alone isn’t real and that they actually do justice to our little alien friend. Disney has done justice to all the CGI animals so far, so let’s hope these two are not as bad as they may sound.

So, to make this short and sweet, Disney studios have done such amazing projects already and the future looks promising. I have nothing but high hopes for the future of our live-action remakes coming out in the next few years. I’m sure they will be nothing short of outstanding.


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