“Dragon Ball Fighterz” Reveal trailer

At Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference, Phil Spencer took the stage to announce multiple games from several developers and publishers that will be available on Microsoft platforms. Although Dragon Ball Fighters Z(DBF) is not a console exclusive, it’s first gameplay reveal occurred at the press conference. Stepping away from the 3D arena games that Bandai Namco has been pushing for the Dragon Ball franchise, we’re seeing a return to the “2.5D” format. Bandai Namco stated that they would like for this game to be the “game” that finally reaches EVO, and as the trailer looks, I believe that it’s shaping up to potentially be apart of the next EVO. From the trailer, we can confirm that the following characters will be playable: Goku(Can transform into Super Saiyan 3), Vegeta(Transform into Super Saiyan), Teen Gohan(Super Saiyan 2), Final Form Frieza(Can transform into Golden Frieza), and Majin Buu. All of these characters make an appearance in the trailer, showcasing their own individual personality.


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