E3 2018: Anthem

The developers were asked how they’d tell a deep story spread through an open world that’s shared by up to four people. They discussed their desire to create a “living, shared world”, and stressed the importance of sharing experiences. While you can team up with your friends on missions, what you do yourself does have its own impact, so you can have your own storyarc despite having other players in the world. While they did say they wanted players to experience the “fun of teaming up as a team of superheroes”, they confirmed that you can play the game by yourself if you so desire. They also mentioned that they “designed in a way that we can add more story for years to come”, which will hopefully come through as smaller updates with DLC reserved for larger stories.

As you probably know by now, each player chooses one of four “javelins” to roam the world in. They went in depth with the ranger and colossus suits, describing them as a duelist and a tank respectively. Information on the intercepter and storm suits was not given. Each suit obviously gives you a specific playstyle. The javelins are not your “class” and can be switched out at will, so you’re not restricted to one for the entire game.

BioWare also revealed that your javelins will be customizable, you can trade out your gear and weapons to alter the playstyle as well as change the color and structure of your suit, so no two look alike. Cosmetics will be available for purchase, but will not come in loot boxes. If there’s something in the store that you want, you buy it directly. No other microtransactions will be included, there won’t be any pay to win elements, a huge surprise considering it’s EA we’re talking about.

They finished off their presentation with gameplay footage, which will be uploaded to various YouTube channels shortly. The entire Q&A gave some interesting insights into the design process, and is definitely worth checking it out if game design interests you. Anthem is coming out February 22nd, 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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