GOG Celebrates US and Canadian Games with Sale

With today being Canada Day and the Fourth of July right around the corner, GOG’s showing their support for Canadian and American developers with a massive sale, with 300+ games and up to 90% off. These sales will both last for another week, so if you’ve got some spare time over your Canada Day/Independence Day weekend, be sure to check them out. GOG has made two sales categories, one for Canadian Games and one for American Games that you can scroll through from their homepage.

Some highlights from the Canadian bundle include Guacamelee (currently $4.49) and its sequel Guacamelee 2 ($9.99), Darkest Dungeon ($7.49), Cuphead ($16.99), Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime ($5.99), and Rogue Legacy (at a low, low, $2.99). Meanwhile the American bundle includes Firewatch ($4.99), Enter the Gungeon ($7.49), Psychonauts (a very appealing $1.49), the classic I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream ($1.49), Oxenfree ($4.99), FTL Advanced Edition ($2.49) as well as the next game from its developers Into the Breach ($7.49), The Metronomicon ($3.99) as well as five level packs for $.79 each, Postal 2 ($.99) and the wonderful Stardew Valley ($11.99)

Oxenfree is one of the highest reviewed games on our site as well as the favorite game of one of our writers, while I’d personally recommend Stardew Valley if you’re looking to relax, FTL if you’re into roguelikes, and Rebel Galaxy (only $3.99) for one of the most fun spaceship games I’ve ever played. This is only a small taste of the deals, though, and the best way to find what you want is to go through the deals and take a look for yourself.

Between the recent Headup Games Switch sale that’s still ongoing and of course the legendary Steam summer sale, there’s quite a lot of very affordable games that have suddenly become available. Clear your schedules, prepare your wallets, indulge in some good old fashioned gaming binges, and be sure to stay hydrated.


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