Hatred to Receive Switch Release

Nintendo, a company that advertised the use of parental controls when releasing the Switch, has always been known for maintaining and marketing a “family-friendly” image. While there are now a couple of mature third-party games on the Switch, such as Borderlands 2, Outlast, and DOOM Eternal, Nintendo would surely not let an extremely controversial game with an “Adults-Only” rating be released on Switch… Right?

Destructive Creations, the developer behind Hatred, has announced on Twitter that they are releasing the game on the Nintendo Switch.

Hatred is known for its extreme glorification of mass-genocide. Hatred  is an isometric shoot ’em up that shows the perspective of a mass killer whose main goal is to kill as many people as possible. The developer stated that they wanted the game to go against the “political correctness” and “politeness” often seen in modern games and take away the “fake philosophy” you see in the games of today. Hatred was so controversial that Valve had initially removed it from their Steam Greenlight service due to the level of violence it portrayed. However, the game was eventually given a second chance with a personal apology from a co-founder of steam, Gabe Newell.

Hatred has garnered quite a mix of reviews over the years. The overall Steam reviews tend to be mostly positive. Despite the moral depravity of the game, most Steam reviewers actually enjoy the game’s dark and simplistic story. The criticisms with Hatred tend to lie in the repetitiveness and generic nature of the gameplay itself and its unstable controls. It received a Metacritic score of 43, not due to the story but due to the unstable controls, inconveniently fixed camera, and horrible AI.

There is no date yet, but hopefully, we can look forward to more info on the release of Hatred on Switch from Nintendo themselves and see why they decided to port this game.


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