Jet Kave Adventure Launching on Switch September 17

Jet Kave Adventure, developed by Polish studio 7Levels, is a 2.5D action-platformer focusing on the adventures of a stone-age man named Kave. After being banished from his tribe, Kave discovers a jet pack, allowing him to stand up to an alien invader who threatens to trigger a volcanic explosion that would wipe out the island. Kave then has to go on a quest to save the island and prove his worth to the tribe so they’ll let him back in.

The game touts 36 levels filled with secrets and hazards through a stone-age world, complete with flight sequences and boss fights. There appears to be some variety, with some levels being typical field or mountain environments, and some being underwater. Your club (as all stone-age men carry around) and jetpack can both be used as weapons to fight enemies with, and mastering difficult flight patterns can win you some collectibles. If you’re a “real gamer”, as the kids these days say, there’s also timed, collectible, and no-damage challenges to really push yourself.

Jet Kave Adventure will launch exclusively for the Switch on September 17, and cost $19.99 USD. As of now, there are no plans for a physical release. If you’re going to PAX, you’ll be able to try the game there.


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