Just Shapes and Beats Releases on PC and Switch

Image Courtesy of Nintendo.com

Just Shapes and Beats, the co-op bullet hell from Berzerk Studio, released at noon EST today. The game features a campaign which can be played either on your own or cooperatively, a challenge mode you play with friends nearby or online, and a party mode. The challenge mode consists of playing two random levels and a boss battle, and you’re awarded beat points for your performance and achievements. Party mode is essentially a music playlist with optional gameplay, as it plays level after level with the inability to die, perfect for if you want the soundtrack in the background.

The soundtrack consists of 35 chiptune tracks from nearly two dozen artists, and each level is built around the background track. DLC is incoming featuring new artists and new genres, however no specifics have yet been announced. Just Shapes and Beats costs $18 on both Switch and PC, and is available now on Steam and the Nintendo eShop.