“Legendary Update” Coming to Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 already has massive amounts of content compared to its already-impressive predecessor, and for the first time since release, Nintendo’s dropping a major content update. First up, two new enemies: Spike and Pokey! I’m already sensing a theme. Spikes generate spiked balls of iron that they throw at the player, which can be used as a general hazard or as a component in puzzle levels. The balls will trigger p-switches, break blocks, and can be safely hopped on with the spin jump in the Super Mario World or New Super Mario Bros. Wii style. Pokeys are known for having variable amounts of body segments, so level creators can make pokeys as tall as they’d like. Pokey segments can be knocked off with fireballs or eaten with Yoshis. When used in a winter theme, both enemies undergo changes: Spikes through snowballs, which can be jumped on and picked up safely, and Pokeys turn into snowmen.

Now, some new mechanics. Every style except Super Mario 3D World now has frozen coins, blocks which function like ice blocks but can be melted by any type of fire (including fire flowers, fire bars, podobos, Bowser fire, etc.) to become a coin. These can be used as power-up checks, timed platforms, or puzzle components, to name a few. 3D World gets a new component as well, the dash block. When Mario runs on the block, he gets an impressive boost to his momentum that lets him run faster and jump further. This promises to be a great addition to speedrun and Kaizo levels. Finally, we also get p-blocks. These function like on-off blocks, sometimes being solid and sometimes not, but instead of a normal switch, they’re activated with a p-switch, so they’re on a timer.

Nintendo also revealed a new game mode called “Ninji speedruns”. This mode is full of levels made my Nintendo for players to speedrun and compete on leaderboards. Those who top the leaderboard can unlock special outfits and stamps. Expect these to be especially fun for the first week of each level before youtuber LilKirbs tops them all.

Finally is my favorite new addition, the Master Sword power-up, exclusive to the Super Mario Bros. style! When you collect the Master Sword, you turn into Link, but this isn’t like the simple costume of Super Mario Maker. No, you turn into Link for real, complete with the ability to use the sword to attack, shield to block, arrows to strike from a distance, down-thrust to take out enemies below, and bombs to destroy walls. I can’t wait to see what kind of levels people build around this power up.


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