Media Molecule Opens Up Dreams Beta Evaluation

Cited examples include using Dreams in the production of concept art and music videos, but the opportunities provided by the software no doubt encompass many more possibilities. The beta evaluation application form allows you to specify the project you intend to use your Dreams creations for and will be evaluated on a per-project basis. Though this process is a massive undertaking for Media Molecule, the Dreams model has been receptive to such a practice from the start. Dreams is easily one of the more intuitive game-creation systems out there and will invigorate a new indie game development industry that seems far more generous than the industry horror stories you commonly hear.

The service has made its beta evaluation stage available to Early Access Members and will in all likelihood open up to the public soon after. Dreams impressed me in early access, despite it being a fledgling version of the user content environment it seeks to become. Even at the tail-end of the PS4’s lifecycle, Dreams promises to be a lasting institution for aspiring creatives with one ambitious step after another.


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