Mobile Game of the Week #5: Loop Energy

Fortunately for Infinity Games, I did like Loop Energy. At it’s core, it’s similar to Loop: tap the pieces to rotate them. However, while in Loop you’re trying to connect them to make a constant path; in Energy you’re rotating circuit pieces to connect energy sources to light bulbs. Unlike Loop, where you rotated the pieces 90 degrees with each tap, in Energy the pieces rotate on hexagons, allowing for more varied and complex puzzles than Loop.

While energy puzzle games like this are fairly common, Loop Energy brings the aesthetic and presentation from Loop to Energy. The backgrounds have a variety of muted colors, so your eyes don’t get bored but it’s not overwhelming. The music is in a similar style to Loop, and while I’d personally have my own music playing, there’s some in the game if you want it. If you liked Loop and want another take on a similar kind of game, check out Energy for free on both the App and Play Stores, and be sure to check in next week for another recommendation.

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