Mobile Game of the Week #7- Little Alchemy 2

Back in high school, I wasted my fair share of study halls (as well as actual classes) playing Little Alchemy in-browser. When the beginning of the week started and I was looking for a new game to feature, I was pretty excited to see “Little Alchemy 2” by the same developers (recloak).

At it’s core, it’s the same concept. Start with water, fire, earth, and air, then try to make every item in the game from those basic elements. There’s a LOT of items to make, from a forest to foods to basic concepts like “big”. If you’ve played the first, Little Alchemy 2 is basically an expansion with more items and a different look. Of course, because the second is bigger, I’m recommending this one over the original (although it’ll always have a special place in my heart)

Whether you try to figure out what combinations will make what items or just fill the table with a certain item and try to match it with everything you’ve got, a Little Alchemy session is a solid way to spend a study hall or physics class. If you’ve got a laptop then the browser version is always available, but if you’re looking for a portable version then both the original and newer Little Alchemy games are free on both the app and play stores.


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