Mysterious Nintendo Event Teaser Revealed

This morning, Nintendo dropped a teaser for an upcoming event tonight at 10PM GMT/2PM PT/5PM EST. This event hints at a new interactive experience apparently targeted for children or “kids at heart”. Fans have been scrambling for more Nintendo content ever since the rather shallow Nintendo Direct earlier this January. Unfortunately, it seems this event will be devoid of any exciting game announcement and primarily focused on this so-called interactive experience.

One could assume this is a new controller of sorts, but the Switch’s Joy-Cons are already quite small for even dainty teenage hands like mine. If I were to predict what Nintendo will reveal, the words “interactive experience” usually relate to an application. Virtual Console? Then how is that for kids? A parental control app already exists, so this is something children and adults who are “kids at heart”. The clues are there but are difficult to piece together.


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