Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed To Spring 2018

In a “Shocking” turn of events, Rockstar has announced that they will be delaying Red Dead Redemption 2 to sometime in the spring of 2018. The announcement was made via their official website and states “Red Dead Redemption 2 is now set to launch Spring 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This outlaw epic set across the vast and unforgiving American heartland will be the first Rockstar game created from the ground up for the latest generation of console hardware, and some extra time is necessary to ensure that we can deliver the best experience possible for our fans.”

To soften the blow of the news it appears Rockstar has also released some screenshots (check below) and promised more news about the game this summer, possibly referring to some information related to this years E3.

Delays are known to happen in the gaming industry and can be looked at in either a positive or negative light. Many fans of the series have been waiting for more info on RDR2 for months, and with many pre-orders already placed fans will surely be disappointed in waiting a little longer. On the bright side, Rockstar placed an emphasis on releasing the best product they can deliver saying “We are very sorry for any disappointment this delay causes, but we are firm believers in delivering a game only when it is ready.”

Rockstar has been known for delays with their major hit games, such as Grand Theft Auto V back in 2013 when it was pushed back to September. This stirred controversy and a few conspiracies back then but ultimately came down to the same response by Rockstar, “the only reason we’ve delayed the release is because we want the game to be as good as it needs to be.”

This is unfortunate news and hopefully will not decline any interest in a game that has so much hype built around it. If history proves to show anything about the development team over at Rockstar it is that they really do believe in quality work. They have earned at least that much trust with such a great game in GTA V, so try to cut them some slack.

Look on the bright side, how amazing do these screenshots look! How do you feel about this delay? Let us know below.


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