Scarf Is A New Adventure Game From THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic have quite a few upcoming games, from the gritty combat of Darksiders 3 to the open world of Biomutant. Today they just announced a new game that will be releasing on PC this winter: Scarf, which is being developed by Uprising Studios. The announcement was made via a press release and was accompanied by an announcement trailer, which you can find below.

It appears to be a puzzle-platformer in the same vein as Journey and RiME. In Scarf, you play as a cute creature called Hyke, who is in the possession of a long, polymorphic scarf. Hyke was born in an unknown place, surrounded by other souls. The press release states all of these souls will journey together to their goal, becoming a part of nature by melding with the world.

The press release also heavily emphasizes the environment, atmosphere, and narrative of Scarf, stating that it is “A story for all ages with multiple narrative layers.” This implies that the game is designed to be family friendly.

The announcement trailer can be found below.


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