Sims 4 to Receive Story Quiz

During a recent Maxis Monthly Livestream, the Sims Team has revealed that The Sims 4 will be receiving a “Story Quiz”. As Simgurugraham explains, the Story Quiz allows you to give your Sims some preset characteristics straight from Create A Sim. After opening up Create A Sim, you’ll receive a prompt screen asking if you’d like to create your Sim’s story. You have an option to agree and start the quiz, or refuse the quiz and create a Sim the old fashioned way, without any preset characteristics.

After agreeing to the quiz, the first question you will be prompted with is “what stage of life would you like your sim to start as?” You will then be taken through 10 random questions asking about everyday situations that normally occur in The Sims live mode. There’s also a cool addition where some of the questions are based on the expansions the player has installed. For example, if you have the Island Living pack installed, one of the questions might be “what would you like to do on the beach?”

Upon completion of the Story Quiz, the player will be given a simple story overview on the left side of Create A Sim. Your Sim might start off already at a set career level in a certain job, or they might be completely unemployed depending on your choices. They’ll also gain certain skills as well as a Starting Fund when starting your game. If you choose to do a Story Quiz, your Sim will be assigned with a specific aspiration and traits that you won’t be able to change. All other changes such as the appearance of your Sim and what are they wearing will be customizable! Want to see what the new CAS tool looks like in action? Check out the livestream replay here!


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