Spellforce 3 is the perfect mix of RPG and RTS

You can never go wrong with a solid Role-Playing game. Throw in the mix of an RTS and you have the recipe for a very interesting concept. I had the opportunity to sit down and get some hands on time with Spellforce 3 at PAX West this weekend, and was surprised that I had never actually heard of the series.

Spellforce 3 is a top down RPG style game, with the ability to customize your characters weapons, armor, appearance and even skill sets through an in depth skill tree. It also takes in portions of a RTS, where you will gain control of several heavily armed soldiers, calvary and even colossal monstrosities as you fight to secure objectives and points of interest around the map. It brings a unique mix to combat and storytelling that I personally have never experienced, which was extremely refreshing.


The art style is phenomenal, with beautiful textural maps with great cities and landscapes to traverse and explore. The amount of detail that went into the smallest portions of these cities was astounding. We took a look at a variety of different maps that players would have the opportunity to explore, and without spoilers, veterans of the series should be extremely excited. The development team took the utmost care to bring a game that would do justice to the previous titles and tap into the the fan base, considering the last title for the series released over 10 years ago.

After checking out all of the scenery and cities, we took a peek at the multiplayer aspect of Spellforce 3, which is where I could see myself dumping hours of my time in to. Spellforce 3’s multiplayer functions like any standard RTS based combat game, such as Age of Empires. You start with your settlement building and must expand your territory while gathering resources to upgrade buildings and technologies. The map is broken up into sectors, where players must conquer and control to be able to place a new settlement building at. It sounds a lot like any other RTS game you would play, and essentially it is in this regard. Multiplayer supports up to six players and the campaign will support up to two player co-op, so there will be plenty of opportunities to play with friends.


The biggest difference between Spellforce 3 and games like Age of Empires is the RPG aspect that is thrown into the game, similar to Baldurs Gate. It brings a refreshing mix to the table, and I personally can’t wait to be able to get some more time with this game. Unfortunately, with only a 20 minute demo you can’t get enough details about a game of this size to fully understand the scope of what they are trying to do, but I can assure you it will be worth the wait.


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